I'm a writer & product designer in this lifetimewho
Renee at Mission Dolores Park
based in the Bay Area
Coyote Hills in Fremont, CA
and upstate New Yorkwhere
Ithaca Collegetown
Currently creating Teliewhat and designing content for IBM Data and AIwhat Previously Google and Cornell AppDev'22

Making sense of the world through endless annotations!!, thoughtful designyes, and written word ☻


Telie case study
  • Telie 2021/22

    Designing the social show watching app

    One of 20 businesses accepted into Cornell's startup accelerator, eLab

Pollo case study
  • Ads at Google 2021

    Improved in-product education to simplify ads management

    Content strategy & technical writing

Pollo case study
  • Promptly 2021

    Designed and launched an AI-powered email assistant

    Acquired in 2021

Pollo case study
  • Pollo 2020

    Launched a real-time polling app to help Cornell professors engage students in the remote learning era

    Cornell AppDev Design